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Kraf Holdings Sendirian Berhad or Kraf Holding is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of the Malaysian Handicraft Development Corporation or better known as Kraftangan Malaysia. Its prime role is in the production of exclusive hand-paintedMalaysian batikfor the domestic market and in the supply of white cloths as well as fashionable accessories for the craft industry.


Kraf Holdings was set-up by Kraftangan Malaysia on the 2nd March 1987 and is the organisation’s first wholly-owned subsidiary company.Initially it was set up to produce finished craft products like bags from songket, batik, pua, dastar and plaiting from natural resources. In 199.., Kraf Holdings moved its focus and began to produce exclusive hand-painted Malaysian batik.


1) To primarily produce premium hand-painted Malaysian batik that are exclusive and authentic in taste and design for the domestic market; and
2) To lead in the supply of quality white cloths(cotton and silk) and fashion accessories for the craft industry.


From 199.. onwards,Kraf Holdings’ emphasis has been on the production of premium hand-painted batik for the domestic market. However, in 2008, through the initiative of Kraftangan Malaysia, the company took the first step to produce an exclusive batik collection for the European market, in supplying for a Malaysian designer who had resided in Paris, France.
Throughout the years, Kraf Holdings has positioned itself to produce batik that is unique and intricately superb in its craftsmanship and design especially for the growing domestic market. Kraf Holdings is now beingacknowledged as a supplier of premium Malaysian gifts both by the government and the corporations.
The company also extends its services in the collective supply of quality white cloths (cotton and silk) to the domestic batik industry. The raw materials are sourced and directly bought from China, Indonesia and India.


Production Factory
The production factory is located at the Templer’s Park or Taman Rekreasi Templer, Rawang, Selangor. It is in the vicinity of the National Craft Institute which offered training courses at certificate and diploma level in various craft-fields, including Batik.
The designers of Kraf Holdings are among the talented who had undergone structured and disciplined training in design and batik production with the National Craft Institute.


All batik products produce at the factory use quality cotton and silk cloths that are directly imported from producing countries.
In 2009, Kraf Holding began introducing exclusive batik from Italian silk.


Types of Batik Product

  • A four meter exclusive batik material including a long shawl for ladies,
  • Exclusive batik material for men’s shirt,
  • Long shawl,
  • Pareo; and
  • Blouse.

Contact Us:

d/a Institut Kraf Negara, No. 1  Km 20 Jalan Ipoh Rawang,
48000 Rawang

Encik Mohd Alias bin Ariffin (Manager )

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