Corporate Information

To be a leader in the growth, development and promotion of a stable yet competitive craft industry.

To develop and promote the craft entrepreneur and the national craft industry


Kraftangan Malaysia remains committed to fulfilling its vision and mission with the objectives of:


  • Raising awareness of and interest in the use of local craft products
  • Developing quality products that are market-oriented
  • Expanding the market for craft products
  • Encouraging growth and developing the craft industry and
  • Providing trained manpower according to the needs of the craft industry


The Role
The roles of the Malaysian Handicraft as stated under Section 7, Malaysian Handicraft Development Corporation Act, 1979 Act 222 are as follows :


  • to develop where needed, encourage and restore skills and traditional craftsmanship;
  • to develop, encourage progress and uphold standards of the handicraft industry in various ways, including providing research, advisory and expansion services;
  • to drive, orientate and assist existing craftsmen toward usage of modern techniques in production, management and marketing;
  • to control, increase and improve qualities and maintain the standard and production of handicraft products for the local and international market; and
  • to develop marketing and exportation of handicraft products.

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