Client’s Charter



The Malaysian Handicraft Development Corporation is given responsibility through two Acts, the Malaysian Handicraft Development Corporation Act 222, Year 1979 and Act A562 (Amended), Year 1983 to develop the craft industry in Malaysia.
The craft entrepreneur is thus recognised as the principal client of the organisation. Hence, with this acknowledgement, we hereby promise to:


• Provide 3,000 new product designs annually;
• Provide 150 promotion programmes at domestic and international levels annually;
• Provide trained workforce annually, which is to train 50 for certificate and another 100 at diploma level;
• Provide short-term skilled competency training for 1,000 workforce;
• Acknowledge customer’s complain in writing within 24 hours and providing feedback within 72 hours of working days;
• Settle payment claim within 14 working days, upon receiving a complete set of claim document;and
• Provide feedback to Entrepreneur’s Incentive application within 30 days, upon receiving a set of complete application.


*effective April 2013

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