National Master Craftsmen

The success of the traditional craft industry is incomplete without acknowledging the expertise and skill of the craftspeople, handed down through generations. Their awareness of the desired presentation and usage as well as gifted creativity has contributed greatly towards excellence in craft heritage.
Initially, carving, plaiting, weaving and metal work were skills carried out by the craft community to fulfil their daily requirements. The surroundings and life itself soon captivated the mind and creativity of the craftspeople to produce intricate and lovely work of art.


Their ability to produce harmonious and appealing designs with superb workmanship, reflect high sensitivity and passion of the craftspeople in producing traditional art which is symbolic to the embodiment of a race or community.
On this platform, the Malaysian Handicraft Development Corporation initiated the SKIM ADIGURU KRAF or the MASTER CRAFT SCHEME to preserve and conserve craft skills from facing extinction and oblivion in the rapidly advancing world.


The MASTER CRAFT was introduced in 1987 and had since then appointed a number of skilled craftspeople in various craft heritage fields.
In 1998, the organisation took a step further to introduce the ANUGERAH TOKOH KRAF NEGARA or the NATIONAL MASTER CRAFT AWARD as a formal acknowledgement and appreciation to an outstanding craftsperson, who in a lifetime had contributed tremendously and passionately to the growth of the nation’s craft heritage.

National Master Craft List

Year Mastercraft Craft Category
2011 Allahyarham Haji Ab Manan Bin Haji Yakub Metal
2007 Hajah Habibah Zikri The Hand-Woven Songket
2002 Hajah Zainab @ Ngah Bt. Mamat The Hand-Woven Songket
1998 Allahyarham Tengku Ibrahim Tengku Wook Fine Carvings


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