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 “A Must Visit Destination”




Kuala Lumpur Craft Complex, the city’s iconic art centre offers local and international visitors a variety of tourism craft products. Located within the “Golden Triangle”, the complex features a Malay Terengganu architecture showcasing a collection of traditional as well as modern contemporary handicrafts products from across the country.


The Craft Complex which spans 7.3 acres, featuring a panoramic Malaysian countryside landscape, distinguishes the Craft Complex from other prestige shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur. An excellent one-stop craft centreis truly a must visit destination,built with three core concepts namely education, marketing and enculturation (culture).


The distinctionsof this local one-stop craft centre is its integrated effort and determinationin marketing and educating through creative arts. Explore the lifestyle of the Malaysian society by visiting the Kuala Lumpur Craft Complex.



Authentic Malaysian Craft


Kuala Lumpur Craft Complex offers a variety of authentic products such as souvenirs, interior decorations, costume, jewellery, latest fashion textiles, garden and landscape decorations as well as everyday use products. These unique gift products are available at theKaryaneka Souvenir Shop and One District One Industry (ODOI) Craft Shop. Exclusive section for the government and private sector personnel who wishes to acquire corporate gifts may visit the Karyaneka Corporate Shop that offers corporate gift products made of silver, copper, pewter, wood and crystal.



Fashion enthusiasts will be thrilled at the latest Malaysian textiles such as batik, weaving and hand-woven songket which can be found at the Karyaneka Craft Boutique. Specially crafted contemporary products, with traditionaltouchare personallydesigned byin-house designers and being showcased exclusively for sale at the Kuala Lumpur Craft Complex lobby.



An Insightof a Civilizations


Information on the craft civilizations are channelled through exhibitions of old artefactsat the Craft Museum. This includes displays of  ancient technology used in the production of craft products and manufacturing processes. Using the concept of diorama, the conservation and documentation efforts are disseminated as an element of education to the present generation. Visitors get to know the local crafts through the uniqueness of the products, motifs on displays, materials designed and fabrication processes,as well as the function of the product itself.


Educational activities and get-to-know the museum invites visitors to take part in appreciating the efforts of master craftsman to uphold craft as a resource of daily life. Recognizing museum as an educational museum to open the minds of visitors as an insight of a civilization.




The uniqueness, originality and divergence of Kuala Lumpur Craft Complex is known through its activities offered and most importantly is in the implementation of education system in each tourism product. Express yourself in producing craft product at the Craft Village by getting involved in the art of making batik, bags, wood carvings, ceramics, metal, pewter and costume jewellery. Visitors will also have the opportunity to observe the art of craft through demonstrations and crafts interactive at the Craft Village.



Visit the Artists’ Colony and witness artworks exhibited by local artisan,projecting the Malaysian image through variety of mediums, styles and shapes that were translated through canvas, painting technique or even portraiture,truly a wonderful sight for the eyes and minds. Visitors can interact with the artisans and observe the way they express their ideas and inspiration and learn the art of painting.




The relaxing atmosphere, fully air-conditioned and overlooking beautiful recreational landscape draw visitors to the Craft Delight cafeteria for an enjoyable mealtime. Craft Delight serves a wide selection of food that suits the local Malaysian taste buds at affordable prices.


Design Centre Information Hub


A designers, design and craft products’ information centre that is set in line with the changing time, trends and market demands. Preka Centre is also a place for knowledge sharing activities undertaken between designers, entrepreneurs, academicians and craft activists, through five major programmes which include documentation, seminars, market information on new products, Preka Outlet and design information portal and preka product development activities.




Public community facilities are aimed to unite people of different races, ages and social status through cultural and heritage craft treasures that are engraved on buildings as well as areas that can be rented by conglomerate companies, private sector, government agencies and individuals for activities such as weddings, corporate events, banquets, inauguration ceremony, seminars and recreational activities.


Dewan Sri Utama – can accommodate up to 100 people in one reception at one time. There are two halls that can be exclusively rented.


Panggung Sari – An amphitheatre designed with modern and traditional crafted carving decorations, equipped with sound systems and LED screen. Can accommodate 500 to 700 people.Ideal for corporate events and inauguration ceremony.


Laman Wau–an open hall filled with modern and traditional carving decorations, equipped with lighting facilities, sound system and LED screens, suitable for small-scale and relaxing activities. Can accommodate 100 to 150 people.



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